Public Utilities Consulting Services RFQ (2023)


The Virgin Islands Public Services Commission (“Commission” or “PSC”), No. 8 Estate Ross, St. Thomas, U. S. Virgin Islands, 00804, invites submittal of sealed Statements of Qualifications (QS) from qualified professional public utilities/engineering/management consultants and consulting firms.

Deadline for Submission: Monday, October 2, 2023, at 5:00 PM


The Commission is seeking Qualifications from highly qualified firms experienced in Professional Engineering, Accounting, Technology, Financial/Economic, & Consulting Services to provide all personnel, materials, and services necessary to provide professional Engineering, Accounting, Financial, Economic, Technology & Consulting Services for various projects.

The Virgin Islands Public Services Commission has regulatory jurisdiction over:

  1. telephone service;

  2. water supply services; except retail deliveries;

  3. electric power service;

  4. public marine passenger transportation services operating under government grant of exclusive franchise;

  5. waste management service provided by the Virgin Islands Waste Management Authority or any successor agency;

The Commission provides:

  1. Eligible Telecommunications certifications and oversight for various FCC programs;

  2. Oversight of independent power generation through small power production, cogeneration and renewable energy;

  3. Cable television (to the extent not pre-empted by federal actions); and

  4. Cellular service issues.

The Commission will review qualifications and create a list of qualified consultants for each discipline and/or area. The Commission is not seeking, or expecting, team responses or expertise in every aspect of each area. As appropriate, the Commission may conduct an additional competitive process (e.g., solicit bids or issue Requests for Proposals) prior to awarding contracts with consulting firms. The Commission anticipates that all services will be as-needed or on-call.

Scope of Services

The services to be provided by the successful consulting firm are (1) review, investigation, examination and analysis of regulated public utilities engineering and financial systems, data, and reports, which are submitted for the consideration and approval of the PSC; and (2) to provide a comprehensive range of engineering, technological, financial consulting services whenever required by the Commission to support any other regulated utilities projects.

The Commission may contract with one or more approved qualified consultants/firms to expedite projects that may include but are not limited to:

  • telecommunications regulation, systems, and engineering,

  • marine transportation regulation and engineering,

  • water systems regulation, design, operations, and engineering,

  • power and energy systems regulation, design, operations, and engineering,

  • solid and wastewater systems regulation, design, operations, and engineering, and/or

  • any combination thereof on an as needed basis.

Minimum Qualifications

Consultants must meet the following minimum qualifications in order to be considered responsive to this RFQ solicitation:

  1. As of the submission deadline, the consultant or the consultant personnel shall have a minimum of ten (10) years of experience satisfactorily providing the same or similar services requested under this RFQ. Prior experience working with public sector entities and regulated utilities preferred.

  2. Prior to any engagement, the consultant shall be registered with the Virgin Islands Office of the Lieutenant Governor and the Virgin Islands Department of Licensing and Consumer Affairs and be in good standing.

Any consultant that does not meet these minimum requirements shall not be eligible to be considered for placement on the list of qualified on-call consultants.

Proposal Content and Format

Statements of qualifications should include:

  • the name of the firm owner(s);

  • number of years in business and firm history;

  • the types of specialty services offered;

  • the education and experience of the key technical personnel;

  • the technical expertise of the firm’s current staff;

  • the firm’s experience in performing engineering, financial, and fees/rates methodology and rate-setting examination, analysis and implementation;

  • experience in consulting for regulatory and public utilities commissions and clients;

  • availability of staff, equipment and facilities;

  • current or ongoing projects and references; and

  • a description of the rate structure or billing methodology normally employed, preferred, or proposed by the submitting party.

The format of the statement of qualification is within the discretion of the firm.

The evaluation of the statements of qualifications will be based primarily on the following:

  1. competence of the firm to perform the required services, as indicated by the technical training, education, experience, and expertise of the firm’s personnel who are likely to be assigned to perform the services;

  2. ability in terms of workload and availability of qualified personnel, equipment, and facilities to perform the required services competently and expeditiously;

  3. experience of the proposed personnel in developing, preparing, examining, analysing, and implementing utilities fees and rates;

  4. past performance as reflected in evaluations of previous clients with respect to (a) quality of work and, (b) meeting deadlines, etc.;

  5. other similar factors and

  6. fees and rate structures.

The Commission will evaluate the statements of qualifications and may hold discussions with individual firms to explore further the firms’ statements of qualifications. The scope of work and contract terms and conditions will be negotiable. The Commission reserves the right to terminate negotiations with any submitting party and enter negotiations with another firm.

One (1) electronic copy of the firm’s statement of qualifications shall be submitted electronically to psc.info@psc.vi.gov or one (1) hard copy and an electronic media copy enclosed in an envelope, sealed, addressed and mailed to the Office of The Executive Director, Virgin Islands Public Services Commission, P. O. Box 40, St. Thomas, VI 00804-0040 no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, October 9, 2023. The submittal should clearly be marked on envelopes and/or subject line “QUALIFICATIONS – CONSULTING SERVICES.”

Additional information on this RFQ may be obtained by visiting our website @ www.psc.vi.gov or contacting the Office of the Executive Director of the PSC at (340) 776-1291 or (340) 778-6010.

Public Utilities Consulting Services RFQ (2023)