PSC Regular Meeting (October 2022)

The Virgin Islands Public Services Commission (PSC) held its Regular Meeting today, Wednesday, October 26, 2022. Haugland VI, Inc. and LRE VI, Solar LLC, submitted applications to the Commission seeking approval to become a Qualified Facility under the Small Power Producers Act.

The PSC’s consultants, Georgetown Consultant Group (GCG) representative Larry Gawlik reported on both companies. Haugland VI, Inc. proposes to build 3 solar lithium battery storage facilities in the Territory. They plan to have two sites on the island of St. Croix that will hold 10 megawatts of Photovoltaic (PV) generation and lithium-ion storage batteries and one site on St. Thomas that will hold 5 megawatts. Whereas LRE VI, Solar proposes a similar concept as Haugland VI. LRE VI, Solar plans to have two PV facilities with battery storage and backup on St. Croix. GCG recommended that both companies be granted Qualified Facility status.

Commissioners questioned whether there were any conflicts of interest in staffing and whether all necessary documentation was submitted with the applications. Commissioners David Hughes, Raymond William, and Andrew Rutnik voted to approve the applications, while Commissioner Pedro Williams voted against both applications.

There was no executive session held in today’s meeting.

All four Commission members (David Hughes, Raymond Williams, Andrew Rutnik, and Pedro Williams) were in attendance. Senator Janelle Sarauw and Senator Genevieve Whitaker were absent from today’s meeting.

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